Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to make any purchases on to be eligible ?

  You do not need to make any purchases on to become eligible.

I am a post paid subscriber. Can I register ?

  Yes, post paid subscribers are also eligible to participate and win.

How do I get the talk time that I won ?

  We will contact you if your number wins the free talk time.

I have multiple SIMs. Can I register all my SIMs ?

  Yes, you can register your other numbers after logging in.

I won talk time previously at . Will I win again ?

  Yes, previous winners too can win again.

I am one of the winners. Do I need to pay anything towards charges ?

  There are absolutely no charges associated.

I recently got new phone number and stopped using the previously registered number ?

  Contact us through our email.

I changed my mobile phone service provider ?

  You can log in and make changes to your details.

When do I get the talk time ?

  With in 10 days.

When are the winners announced ?

  In the first week of every month.